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The final version of the trip

Finally I've got the final version of the trip...I'll spend a couple of days in Kemijärvi region and Pyhätunturi rather than in Rovaniemi or Oulu...
And right now it's less than 24 hours...just watch this space...

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Less than a week for the great journey

Less than a week for the great journey

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Almost everything is settled for the great journey.
To celebrate my 30th anniversary I chose to comply at last two of my dreams: to watch the midnight sun and to visit the northernmost place in Europe, the North Cape region.
But I couldn’t avoid visiting two of the most beautiful countries in Europe (and in whole world we might say): Norway and Finland.
For a whole month I’ll be in these wild regions, hiking, trekking, cycling, canoeing and meeting people.
My companion: myself, my bag and my hiking boots!

The estimated trip schedule is as follows:

Day 1 (23rd July): Porvoo (Finland)
Day 2 (24th July): Trip from Helsinki (Finland) to Alta (Norway)
Day 3 (25th July): Altafjorden (Norway)
Day 4 (26th July): Alta Rock Carvings (Norway) and trip from Alta (Norway) to Honningsvåg (Norway)
Day 5 (27th July): North Cape and Knivskjellodden (both in Norway)
Day 6 (28th July): Trip from Honningsvåg (Norway) to Inari (Finland) and Inarijärvi (Finland)
Day 7 (29th July): Saariselkä National Park (Finland)
Day 8 (30th July): Inari (Finland) and trip to either Kemijärvi or Oulu
Day 9 (31th July): Pyhä-Luosto National Park or Oulu
Day 10 (01st August): trip from either Kemijärvi or Oulu to Kuopio (all in Finland)
Day 11 (02nd August): Kuopio and trip to Joensuu (Finland)
Day 12 (03rd August): Koli National Park (Finland)
Day 13 (04th August): Lieksa and trip to Savonlinna (both in Finland)
Day 14 (05th August): Linnansaari National Park (Finland)
Day 15 (06th August): Punkaharju Ridge (Finland)
Day 16 (07th August): Savonlinna Castle (Finland) and trip to Jyväskylä
Day 17 (08th August): Petäjävesi and Jyväskylä (both in Finland) as well as trip to Tampere (Finland)
Day 18 (09th August): Hämeenlinna (Finland)
Day 19 (10th August): Tampere (Finland) and trip to Turku (Finland)
Day 20 (11th August): Rauma and Sammallahdenmäki
Day 21 (12th August): Naantali and Turku
Day 22 (13th August): Turku
Day 22 (14th August): Trip to Mariehamn (Åland Islands) and to Godby (Åland Islands)
Day 23 (15th August): Finnström, Saltvik and Sund (Åland Islands)
Day 24 (16th August): Jomala and Lemland (Åland Islands) and trip from Mariehamn to Helsinki (Finland)
Day 25 (17th August): Ekenäs (Finland)
Day 26 (18th August): Helsinki and surroundings (Finland)
Day 27 (19th August): Helsinki (Finland)
Day 28 (20th August): Helsinki (Finland)
Day 29 (21th August): Back to Lisbon (Portugal)

Can’t wait! It's less than a week...

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